Cosmetic Services Specialist

Douglas Swinehart, MD

Dermatologist located in Fresno, CA

While we are primarily a skin cancer practice, our specially trained Registered Nurses do offer a limited scope of cosmetic services to our existing clientele. These services include removal of bothersome skin tags, destruction of unsightly seborrheic keratoses, I&D of milia or clogged pores, and KTP laser removal of hemangiomas or “blood moles.”

Cosmetic Services Q & A

Our practice is mainly focused on the detection and treatment of skin cancers.

However, many of our existing patients have growths that are bothersome, unwanted, or just unsightly. These lesions include warty, age-related seborrheic keratoses, annoying skin tags, and red age-related spots known as hemangiomas.

Our nursing staff is well trained to remove these types of lesions. Your insurance company generally considers these cosmetic, so they are not covered by any insurance, including Medicare. Payment for their removal is the patient’s responsibility.

Insurance dictates that these services cannot be done during a regular examination, so a separate appointment is made with one of our RN’s.


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