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Douglas Swinehart, MD

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Dr. Douglas Swinehart is a board certified dermatologist with experience treating basal cell carcinoma at his practice in Fresno, California. He offers complete skin cancer services, including diagnosis and treatment using leading-edge technology.

Basal Cell Carcinoma Q & A

What is basal cell carcinoma?

Basal cell carcinoma is the most common type of skin cancer. It’s also the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the United States. As its name suggests, it begins in basal cells, which are located below the surface of your skin. These cells constantly produce new skin cells, pushing older cells up toward the surface where they can be shed.

Basal cell carcinomas often develop on areas frequently exposed to sunlight, such as the face (especially the nose), head, neck and hands, but it can occur anywhere on the body. It may even develop on eyelids. When basal cell carcinoma is treated before it spreads, it’s very curable. If it grows to invade the surrounding area, it may reach into deep tissues and to cartilage or bone, causing significant damage and cosmetic disfigurement.

What are the signs of basal cell carcinoma?

Basal cell carcinoma is slow growing and can take on a few different appearances, some of which may be hard to notice if you examine your own skin. This type of carcinoma can look like any combination of the following:

  • A waxy-appearing, small bump with slight dent in the center
  • A translucent wax-like bump
  • A flesh-colored pearl-like bump
  • A reddish or pink shiny spot on skin
  • A growth that bleeds when traumatized
  • A bump whose border is slightly raised
  • A growth with small blood vessels on its surface (like spider-veins)

How can Dr. Swinehart help prevent and treat basal cell carcinoma?

As with most skin cancers, examining your own skin for early signs of basal cell carcinoma can be a challenge. For starters, it’s time-consuming to carefully look at every last inch of skin and you’ll need someone else to check your back thoroughly. Dr. Swinehart can help with a complete examination. He will also assess your risk factors, recommend the best skin care and sun protection for your skin, and determine how frequently your skin should be examined for early signs of cancer.

If you have a suspicious spot, Dr. Swinehart will perform a skin biopsy. If basal cell carcinoma is found, he will need to treat the cancer to prevent its growth and recurrence. Treatment options include surgery, topical immunotherapy, and superficial radiotherapy. Other types of cancer, such as squamous cell carcinoma, also require similar diagnosis and treatment.


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